That’s So 70s


When it comes to fashion trends, I have to say my favorite has been the comeback of the “retro” style…especially the 70s. I love putting together outfits that bring in both modern and vintage styles. Exploring outfits that are a little out of my comfort zone has been so fun so…For this post I thought I’d share some 70s outfit inspiration for those of you who are just as obsessed with the trend as I am!

For this look I paired these adorable stripped pants and bralette from American Eagle with my favorite item… this yellow suede button up from Lands End. The shirt is true vintage fashion as it actually is straight out of the 70s (it was given to my boyfriend by a co-worker of his, and my boyfriend knowing how obsessed I am with anything vintage lovingly donated to me) . I loved that fact that it fit oversized.

I love that vintage fashion is in, because it makes it so easy to find cute pieces. American Eagle is one of my favorite places to find this type of style. Thrifting is also a great way to find hidden vintage treasures when it comes to clothing as well!

I encourage you to explore new styles and find something that makes you feel truly you.

-Taylor Johns